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This Week in Digital

Another week, another round of the latest developments in the digital world. Let’s look at some of the major ones.

‘How to effectively market content on LinkedIn’ – Honey Singh, CEO of #ARM Worldwide

linkdin marketing

  • LinkedIn marketing today is one of the most effective gimmicks to reach the target audience and one of the best places to meet professionals and connect with them.
  • With the growing content marketing trend on LinkedIn, people consider it as the finest platforms for sourcing professionally relevant content. In fact, LinkedIn surpassed Twitter for content marketing.
  • LinkedIn has emerged as the strongest and most desirable platform that brings you the most relevant business driven results.
  • By planning a content marketing framework, growing your network, setting up your company page, following the right groups and regularly posting quality content, one can market their content effectively.

Google Hire – A revolutionary HR project

Google Hire

  • Hire is an applicant-tracking tool that’s available to companies with 1,000 or fewer employees, and it’s built to work with G Suite applications like Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • Hire is just one of a series of invasions of verticals by Google in recent years, but it’s notable because it’s the first time Google has targeted a B2B or business SaaS technology category with its own software offering.
  • Hire isn’t the first instance of Google invading a vertical, but past intrusions have only targeted B2C industries.

Facebook Watch – A streaming service set to compete with YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix

Facebook Watch

  • Facebook announced on Wednesday that it will begin rolling out a revamped version of its existing home for videos that caters to the original, episodic shows Facebook has been licensing to make people think of it as a digital video service on par other major streaming services.
  • Called Watch, Facebook’s new video hub will be available in its mobile apps, on its desktop site, and through its connected-TV apps, but for now only to a limited group of people in the U.S.
  • While people already watch a lot of videos on Facebook, they likely don’t think of Facebook as a place to watch video.
  • It just so happens that their Facebook feeds are full of videos, and it just so happens that more videos means more video ads, which means more money for Facebook.

How Automation has become crucial for marketing automation

marketing automation

  • According to a recent Forrester report, automation is reshaping customer engagement.
  • It is expected that agents, bots, hardware robots and intelligent self-service solutions will address customer-facing problems over the next 10 years.
  • Automated solutions are destined to handle most — if not all — customer interactions, at least for initial touch points like phone calls or physical store assistance as soon as you walk through the door.

Why Re-Skilling is the Most Important Ingredient to Create the Workforce of the Future

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