This week in digital – Facebook integrating VR to their social networking, Apple disabling Facebook tracking with their anti-tracking tool, Twitter launching a ‘Happening Now’ section and bookmarking, and Facebook allows stories to use pages - #ARM Worldwide



This Week in Digital

Another week, another round of digital news. Here’s the latest happenings of this week in the digital world.

Facebook is switching from 2D to a 3D social network with VR

  • With 3D Posts, Facebook will bring VR objects into people’s news feeds in hopes of bringing more people into the virtual world.
  • This virtual reality version – known as Facebook Spaces – will enable people to share 3D virtual objects from Spaces to their 2D news feeds.
  • People will be able to take the objects they create in VR using Oculus Medium – a VR analog to Adobe Illustrator – or Facebook Spaces and share them on Facebook.
  • Populating people’s standard Facebook feeds with this virtual fare could help to entice more people to try out VR.

Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention restricts Facebook’s ability to follow people online

  • The Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature that Apple has added to its Safari web browser can disable Facebook’s ability to track people who visit third-party websites that feature Facebook’s Social Plugins.
  • Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention can deactivate Facebook’s plugins and prevent them from sending any data when they visit a site via Safari.
  • Now, if a person has not visited Facebook’s own site within the last 24 hours, Facebook’s Social Plugins will be disabled on others’ sites until the person completes a Like, Comment or Share.

Twitter announces what’s ‘Happening Now’ for trending events, and bookmarking as well

  • Two helpful new features are making their way to a Twitter feed near you. One will help with cornering the real-time market, and the other will help with the overall user experience.
  • “Happening Now” is launching with sporting events and will make it easier to find tweets about events happening in real time.
  • Bookmarking – also dubbed as Save For Later – has been announced and planned, but it hasn’t been rolled out to the masses yet.

Facebook announced that Pages will be able to post Stories through its iOS and Android apps

  • Facebook’s Stories feature has been a flop compared to Snapchat’s original and Instagram’s clone. So, now the social network is opening up the ephemeral format to brands.
  • However, Pages will not be able to cross-post Stories simultaneously to Facebook and Instagram.
  • Page-produced Stories will work the same as the user-generated Stories that Facebook rolled out in March.
  • It also should be kept in mind that Facebook will not offer a way for brands to pay and promote their Stories within the Stories feed or traditional news feed.

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