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This Week in Digital

Let’s take a look at the latest developments from this week in the digital world.

Content and marketing strategies are working in silos.” – Ritesh Singh, #ARM Worldwide

  • Both content and marketing strategies work in tandem to effectively improve a company’s brand image.
  • When done so properly, this can lead to huge ROI.
  • #ARM Worldwide has utilized these two strategies together, leading to huge growth and success.
  • The company is currently expanding outside India, taking their maiden steps outside the country in Singapore.

Facebook offers in-stream-only video ad buys

smartphone apps

  • Advertisers can buy video ads from Facebook that will only be served when people are viewing a video.
  • This increases the likelihood that people will watch these ads.
  • This came a week after Facebook revealed its upcoming video service, ‘Watch’, to compete against Google’s YouTube.
  • Previously, video ad buys on Facebook meant ads could appear as pre-roll or mid-roll ads within video content and as standalone sponsored posts in the news feed.

More than 50% of digital media time now spent within five mobile apps

  • More digital media time is concentrated in smartphone apps than on the mobile web or PC. And most of that time is spent in a small number of apps, led by Facebook.
  • Users are also downloading fewer new apps, so it’s getting harder to break through.
  • Digital media time spent with the desktop stands at 34 percent, with smartphone apps at 50 percent. Tablet and mobile web represent the remaining 16 percent.
  • Though it sees dramatically lower engagement, the mobile web has roughly 2x the reach of mobile apps.

Snapchat now letting advertisers control the types of content their ads appear next to

  • Brands could always buy Snapchat’s vertical video Snap Ads through its self-serve ad-buying tool or advertising API.
  • Now, they can choose to have their ads only run between regular people’s Stories or only within the Stories and Shows produced by Snapchat and media companies working with Snapchat.
  • Brands can now opt to exclude their ads from appearing adjacent to certain types of content, which can help to maintain contextual relevance and/or to avoid any brand-safety issues.
  • Previously, advertisers using Snapchat’s self-serve Snap Ad Manager or ad API could not cherry-pick placements for their Snap Ads.

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