This Week in Digital: Biddible Launches Free Software , Iphone7 - UK’s Top Consumer Product Keyword, Amazon Prime Hits 85m Milestone, Snapchat Launches Paperclips for Links




Biddible launches free tools to measure the effectiveness of Adwords

A 28-year-old UK based search agency introduced a variety of free auditing software to enhance transparency of paid search performance.

Efficiency and effectiveness of AdWords can be easily monitored with the help of this tool.

This is the first time that a company has introduced a free tool to judge the efficiency and effectiveness of Google’s main source of online revenue. The main motive behind the launch of these tools was to identify, simplify and address the effect of AdWord spend.

“What originally started out as a suite of tools planned to improve our in-house reporting procedures, has developed into more of a community-based project, where we’ve opened our doors to give everyone access to the software we have developed. We believe it may disrupt some major players in our market and intend to keep this service free.” – John Cave, Director – Biddible


Iphone7 is the most searched keyword in consumer product segment in UK

AdGooroo, a firm that measures 2.5 billion search results page for all the paid search activities recently conducted a study and found out that ‘Iphone 7’ is the UK’s top consumer product keyword.

According to their findings, British retailers spent £5.6 million on paid search activities for ‘Iphone 7’ during the period of June 2016  to May 2017. This is an astonishing amount of money spent on a keyword as it has bested ‘Pandora’ – the most popular Jewelry brand, by £3.6 million.


Amazon Prime hits 85M milestone

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, Prime’s membership grew by 35% in the past few years.

Amazon has not leaked the exact Prime membership data but as per the regulatory filings in the past years, it’s revenue crossed $6.4 billion from a line item “retail subscription services”.

Based on the current revenue, analysts estimated that the number of Prime members should range between 65 and 80 million. Now that’s a huge milestone to achieve in this segment.


Snapchat launches Paperclips for links

Snapchat is a boon for the marketers and content creators as now they have the liberty to add links to their snaps. Snapchat has the first mover advantage as Instagram is still one step behind on this.

The most awaited feature Paperclips, allows users to attach websites to their snaps. URL can be easily added by tapping the Paperclip button within the vertical toolkit.

While watching snaps, users can easily swipe up to open the Snapchat’s inbuilt browser.

This feature was earlier limited to paying advertisers but now Snapchat has opened the doors for everyone.

Safety tools have been introduced to protect user system from potential harms that might happen with some links. Viewers can report objectionable links.

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