This Week in Digital: Personalized Stickers and Memes, VR Enriched End of Life Experience



This Week in Digital

This week’s digital brings to you the interactive emoji’s trending in the market, how Virtual Reality can be an unbelievable experience, what all Amazon is doing for the Indian Society, and what’s up with Whatsapp.

PicsArt is burgeoning


Image Source: Picsart
  • Just two months after giving people the privilege of personalising stickers, pics art has more than 400 million users, it gained momentum and now has one of the biggest assemblages of free stickers in the world.
  • The photo editing app is now a store for over a million stickers with the #freetoedit hashtag that means users can add them into their own shots. 
  • With the ease of adding stickers, or small graphics to any photo, the popularity has grown among the social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook.

VR is a blessing

Image Source: Businessinsider
  • Virtual reality aided a cancer patient what could be his the desire of a lifetime.
  • Truvision, a local VR startup positioned at Plymouth University helped 37-year-old Matthew Hill by offering him a trip to a coral reef occupied with glowing jellyfish, a dive with a blue whale on a sunken pirate ship and a voyage to the pits of the ocean floor and all without getting wet.
  • “This was a first for us, and it put a smile on all our faces to see we could make somebody’s dream come true,” Truvision employee Ben Priddy told Digital Trends.”We put our HTC Vive VR handset on Matthew so he could be immersed in the visual experience. We also gave him a pair of over-ear headphones so that he could experience the high-quality sound delivered by the program. These together made the experience as immersive as possible, letting him be able to hear all the fine details.”

Amazon India has some tips for New Sellers

Image Source: Techstory
  • Digital classroom programs have been introduced for imparting knowledge to the budding sellers.
  • Focus areas would be managing returns, key online retail skills, order processing and adding products.
  • “As we enter the new financial year, we encourage thousands more to leverage our marketplace and make the most of India’s growing digital economy. Amazon Classroom has been specially created for these new sellers who are seeking to learn these skills as they begin their online journey,” said Gopal Pillai, director and general manager, seller services at Amazon India. 

Conversations and Cash both are in hands of Whatsapp now

Image Source: WhatsApp
  • Facebook-owned Whatsapp is looking to foray into UPI-based payments in India.
  • Whatsapp is going to incorporate payment system on its platform that will be powered by Government Unified Payments Interface (UPI) with the assistance of State Bank of India (SBI), the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and other institutions.
  • In order to make a payment “application’s UPI layer would allow the funds transfer between the users and WhatsApp.”

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