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The strength of your digital marketing strategy lies in how well it connects with your audience. A good connection takes time to brew up. Hence, it makes planning campaigns in advance more important. Here’s the latest update from the digital world this week.

Is Your Digital Strategy Working?

  1. Quality Leads: If a significant number of leads (80%+) are qualified or your target audience, your digital marketing strategy is spot on.
  2. Relevant Website Traffic:  If you are seeing a spike in website traffic, check the average time spent on site. Relevant visitors tend to visit multiple pages and often spend over a minute or a minute and a half on a website.
  3. Click-Through Rate: Before you start, make sure you have a good sample size, at least a few months of data before evaluating campaigns. The CTR should be closer to the 1-2% range.

Experiment and Personalize

  1. Emails will become passé. The focus will be shifted to personalized and private messaging tools like Viber, WhatsApp, and WeChat to connect with consumers and stakeholders.
  2. Personalization will go beyond the first name. Many companies use their data and analytical strength to create customized experiences via relevant notifications at the right time.
  3. Focus on transparent and user-friendly information and messaging systems for customer retention. This will also encourage people to offer feedback to improve products.

Brands Taking a Leap

  1. Miller Lite: The brewer will post a QR code on its social channels on Feb. 29 to help the users have 24 extra hours of “Miller Time” with free 24-packs.
  2. Lay’s: The ‘leaplings’ can win a bag of Lay’s potato chips by simply commenting on the brand’s Leap Day Facebook post on Feb. 28.
  3. Leap Day babies must tweet at the hotel booking site and share the biggest struggle of being born on Feb. 29 and they can win one of the 29 special discount coupons worth $290 each.

Source: AdAge

Micro-Influencers, Mega Impact

  1. The recent report by Creator IQ and Influencer Marketing Hub shows that micro & nano influencers win over mega influencers by consistently having the best engagement rates, particularly on Instagram.
  2. The report also suggests that 90% of influencer campaigns include Instagram, followed by Twitter and Facebook with 45% and 40%, respectively. 20% of the campaigns include YouTube and only 10% include Pinterest.
  3. Two-thirds of the respondents said they’ll increase their influencer marketing spending over the next year. The performance is generally measured by conversions/sales.

The One With All The Hype

  1. The famous sitcom FRIENDS officially announced its reunion on Feb 2, 2020, and took Instagram by surprise. But, one can’t help but think if it was well thought.
  2. Just a week before the announcement, the last of the 6 friends had joined Instagram. Lisa Kudrow’s welcoming post had one of the show’s famous dialogues in the caption. Perry’s first Instagram post was a Chandler meme itself.
  3. The stars are generally seen talking in FRIENDS’ references and showing support in each other’s comments. Also, remember Courtney Cox’s early-Monica Insta DP? They kept us longing for a reunion even more, thus, creating the hype all along.


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