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1) Tech-our best hope for fighting COVID-19

WhatsApp announced the launch of a new chatbot, created in conjunction with WHO, that provides accurate and timely information on the coronavirus. It helps with instant answers to people’s queries related to the disease and how they can seek help.

Apple’s Siri now helps you to check coronavirus symptoms, share guidance and, in some cases, share tele-health app links to users seeking COVID-19 information. Siri will ask a few questions and suggest you the next steps based on your answers.

Google Maps has added a coronavirus warning whenever someone searches for nearby medical locations. The warning message encourages people to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention protocols if they plan on visiting a doctor for coronavirus.

2) Brands in the wake of COVID-19

Nike launched ‘ Now is your Chance’, a new campaign to encourage people to play inside, to play for the world. Amplified by athletes like Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo and Michael Jordan, it expressed the importance of social distancing during this time.

Hershey’s leveraged its famous ‘Hershey’s Kisses’ with the message – “Spread love from a distance”. They used the family vibe of the product to spread happiness while conveying the message of maintaining distance to prevent Coronavirus spread.

Ford with its ‘Built to Lend a Hand’ campaign, highlighted how it’s providing breathing space to Ford Credit customers around their car payments. The advertisements reminded people of their strength in handling world crisis situations previously.

3) Shifting currents in ad spends

Gaming industry witnessed a 25% jump with COVID-19. It is a growing industry when the world hits pause on work and social interactions.
CRM software can be used by pharma/biotech industries that traditionally rely on field sales but are now remote.
Marketers need to make fast decisions and get quick insights into complete ad spend and ROI. This means all your data needs to be centralized, easily accessible and actionable.

4) Keep calm & optimize on

Businesses will have to adapt to find new solutions for their customers working remotely, as search behaviour is a reflection of user’s priorities.

Publisher SEO should watch their log files to ensure AMP files are error-free, monitor pages to ensure search engine bots crawl new pages and coordinate evergreen content to compensate for seasonal volatility.

Ecommerce SEO should consider creating a segment of high-demand product pages, based on traffic data and crawl those pages often. Watch the query data to ensure your content reflects the most up-to-date searcher intents.

5) What’s shaking up social this week

Reddit launched a new Polls option enabling Redditors to post questions to their audiences, helping to boost on-platform engagement and activate many lurkers.

Instagram launched Co-Watching, which lets users on a group video chat browse through feed together. They can view suggested content with each other by tapping the photo icon in the bottom left corner of the chat.

TikTok launched a new set of curated original program featuring celebrities and TikTok influencers that will live stream at 5 pm every day of next week and boost the mood of its homebound users.

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