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 Don’t just work from home,
#WorkForDoctors – helping hospitals fight coronavirus pandemic

  • 1. #WorkForDoctors is a campaign launched by collaborative efforts between Huami’s Amazfit, #ARM Worldwide and PR Innovations. 
  • 2. The primary aim of the campaign is to offer invaluable support and aid to the medical workforce who are risking their lives to save ours. 
  • 3. ARM Worldwide along with Amazfit are in touch with 15,000+ doctors, 70+ hospitals and 4+ state governments.

 Free tools to rule: Covid19 

  • Hootsuite: providing free access to NGOs & SMEs that are most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. The professional plan will help brands engage audiences, create content and manage effective communication.
  • InVideo : offering free custom video templates to help small businesses and restaurants impacted by the covid19, create social video ads to inform users about changes in delivery and store schedules, answer common customer queries, and so on.
  • Mindsay: a customer experience automation platform for the travel and hospitality industry, is offering a three-month complimentary COVID-19 customer support bot. This will help ease stress and reduce support costs for consumer requests.

Cognition + Context = Power of Cognitextual (Final)

  • Marketers are scrambling for ways to continue delivering the right ad to the right person at the right time. Contextual advertising is more than just a viable alternative to behavioural targeting as it’s more engaging and impactful.
  • Contextually relevant ads can be more engaging than article content. Ads that aren’t contextually relevant are two times less memorablethan those that are and inspire greater purchase intent.
  • Banner ads are more neurally engaging due to their loud visual prominence, they are much harder to recall than In-Screen ads that are present on the page. 

The social move

  • Heartbeat, an influencer marketing platform, just announced they’re expanding to TikTok. With this expansion, brand partners will be able to work with influencers with varying levels of following — macro, micro, and nano.
  • There has been an increase in engagement on LinkedIn by 2781%. SMBs are driving engagement through content on social distancing, crisis management and online collaboration, and dead searches on ‘remote working’ have increased by 3X.
  • Facebook launched a Messenger desktop app for Windows and macOS on Thursday, allowing users to text, voice and video chat for free outside of the social media platform’s website.

 Scaling business through SEO 

  • Much like how the human body responds to external stimuli, marketers too should respond to constant updates that the Big G is making. Prioritizing the right kind of traffic is more substantial than the ranking. 
  • Practices such as creating separate headlines for SEO, load HTML files from CDN, shift focus to video content and maximizing local content can be useful.

And don’t forget to utilize your HTML tags in the SEO process! Wondering which ones? Title tag, meta description tags, image alt text and schema markup.

Why Re-Skilling is the Most Important Ingredient to Create the Workforce of the Future

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