Twitter to level up Ads, Facebook with Shoppable Ads, the 2nd IOT India 2020 Summit, Google's Public Transit app for Delhi: This Week In Digital - #ARM Worldwide



this-week-in-digitalIt was a rather cold week in digital, given everyone is prepping up for the big days to follow – Diwali being the first in queue. While brands are longing their campaigns for the festive seasons, advertising platforms were working to improve methods of advertising. We also saw the IOT India 2020 Summit this week, below are our views on the same. For everything else, following is our roundup of This Week In Digital.

Twitter to level up its Advertising game

Twitter ads

After a long disappointing time with its advertising platform, Twitter has finally started enjoying their bit of moolah through ads. Brands are using Twitter to advertise more than ever. One of such advertising practices is App Installs ads, which has worked the best for both, brands and Twitter. Twitter, now wants to level up the existing ad options and reinvent few traditional advertising methods on digital.

This reinvention is focused towards lead-based output for advertisers. Twitter is exploring methods with which they can offer advertisers with options of advertising and marketing, that actually converts. According to Twitter, users who see a promoted tweet from a brand are 1.4 times more likely to conduct action related to the brand and product type. The challenge for Twitter now, is to filter out “related” actions and drive brand-chosen actions through the promoted tweets.

Facebook is working on Shoppable Ads, for Mobile


With the largest data of user preferences at their disposal, Facebook is always exploring options to venture. This time, it is Shoppable Ads. Facebook is reportedly working on ads that can drive sales directly on the platform, without the user leaving Facebook. This is ambitious and can be dubbed as Facebook’s entry in e-commerce.

Facebook’s target with Shoppable Ads will primarily be Mobile. Mobile as such has a terrible e-commerce experience and Facebook wants to fix it. With mobile being Facebook’s most used platform, there are chances that they will exploit this resource, while redesign how mobile shopping is done.

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The second IOT India 2020 Summit


We saw the BGR’s IOT India 2020 Summit this week. With a panel full of technology driver companies and discussions around everything from ECG devices to Modular Mapping, the IOT India 2020 was well sought. The interesting thing that came out with the event was how brands are looking to explore IoT space (Internet of Things), specially in consumer products category. Among the most active developments, Indian startups led the way into more approachable products than international companies claiming to pioneer the sector.

Google releases a Public Transit app for Delhi NCR

google public transport offline delhi

An experimental project by their Maps team in India, Google announced a public transit app for Delhi NCR this week. The app is titled “Delhi Public Transport Offline” and is available for free on Play Store. It will act as a one stop guide to every public transport option in Delhi, namely DMRC Metro, DTC bus, Gurgaon Rapid Metro, and DIMTS Orange buses. When connected to internet, the app which also show and notify for delays in the named options.

Google is not the only one to show interest in public transit mapping. Apps like Ridlr and Zophop were already serving the same feature, but lacked the exposure Google has in the ecosystem. This interest in public transport over hand-held device functions by companies might result in improvised ad methods – maybe augmented reality can be one option.

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