This Week In Digital: Jio brings India to global rank 15 in 4G, How Violation of GDPR may haunt you, Flipkart Ads partners with Google to meet $100mn targets - #ARM Worldwide



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India ranks 15th in global 4G availability according to The State Of LTE (June 2017) Report by OpenSignal, courtesy to Reliance Jio. In the report of 4G Availability, India outperformed from 71.6% in the third quarter of 2016, to 81.56% identification of LTE signal in the first quarter of 2017. South Korea grabbed rank-1 with a 96.38%. But on the other hand, the ranking in the 4G Speed analysis dropped tremendously down to 5.14mbps against first ranking country Singapore with 45.62mbps 4G Speed.

  • 49% of the consumer force prefers positively valued brand

In today’s industrial arena, the commerce sector is required to make advancements with focus to gain good customer feedback and user experience. According to a survey of 2,000 UK consumers by MediaCom carried out for statistical examination of the relevance of social ethics, study showed :

  • 40% never used the brand (or ceased its use) with poor customer experience or value,
  • 63% emphasize on brands’ duty to contribute to society,
  • 80% are influenced by the quality of environmental contribution the brand engages in.


  • Snap Inc. acquires Placed for $200 million for offline development

Snapchat parent company Snap Inc. bought a location analytics start-up Placed to track Ad-Effects. It is planned to continue Placed’s operations independently with the startup’s CEO David Shim, who’ll report to Snap’s Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan.

Snap’s recent March initial public offering raised $3.4 billion, the investment from which is contributed to this purchase. Under Bloomberg’s analyst estimates, the organization reported a revenue of  $149.7 million the first quarter and aimed to post near $1 billion revenue for the year.

  • Violation of GDPR may lead your business to wind up


Veritas Technologies has thrown light upon the major concern of potential negative consequences if General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is not complied with. 20% of worldwide business professionals believe in the threat of getting shut down due to the same. Following are the probable outcomes of non-compliance with GDPU:

  • 21% : high penalties leading to layoffs,
  • 12% : diminished value of brand
  • 19% : unhealthy publicity which may result in loss of customer follow up


  • Flipkart Ads partners with Google to meet $100mn targets


With targets set to raise Flipkart into a $100mn firm by the end of March 2018, Flipkart Ads has geared up partnership with Google and YouTube to build mass outreach and meet set expectations of digital products’ sales. Prakash Sikaria, head of Flipkart Ads mentions to ETRetail, “In April 2016, we were focussed on growing our business with brands and have now opened up for brands with which we have an indirect relationship. We are working with the BFSI industry and telcos to bundle products with purchases, monetising the intent to buy. At the end of the day we are the largest online transaction platform.” 

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