Why B2B Technology Companies Need to Adopt Inbound Marketing



Why B2B Technology Companies Need to Adopt Inbound Marketing

We all must have heard the term Inbound Marketing, but still, we’ll start with the definition of Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is the process using the different forms of pull marketing like blogs, SEO, social media, and others to attract customer’s attention using the relevant and interactive content. Compared to outbound marketing, inbound isn’t about going out and fighting for customer’s attention. It focuses on increasing visibility and structuring a rapport for a brand online.

Inbound Marketing Methodology works in 4 Primary Steps

Inbound Marketing Methodology
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#1. Attract

Every business wants to generate traffic on their sites, but what kind of traffic one wants? There is no benefit of broadcasting the messages and getting irrelevant traffic to your site. We want people who are likely to become leads and happy customers, ultimately. Using Inbound Marketing strategy, we target only the audience that is already searching the web for the relevant information by using engaging and related content in our blogs, social posts, and sites.

#2. Convert

Next step after getting the attention from readers is to turn them into potential leads by gathering their information. Getting their contact information helps companies to connect with them in a better way. To get this information from the website visitors, we need to provide something relevant to them. Providing relevant blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, etc. to customers builds a trust value with them. Different techniques like Call to actions, forms, and landing pages help in converting more visitors into leads.

#3. Close

Once converted into leads, next objective is to turn them into customers. The key here is to make use of the right tools at the right time. There are certain tools like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that facilitates the sales process by providing the right information to us to engage correctly with customers. Personalized emails hold an important role in the process as it helps in building the direct relationship with the leads and hence, makes leads more likely to purchase your services. Also, choosing the right message is a critical factor in marketing. There are certain marketing automation tools available that lets you send the personalised messages to customers according to their previous responses.

#4. Delight

Inbound marketing is all about providing quality content to our users. Retaining a customer is as important in a business as it generate new customers. Just acquiring a client is not enough, you have to provide quality services which are beyond customer’s expectations. This builds loyalty among the customers and brings credibility to the business. It is important to know what they feel about you and what else they want to improve. A company can capture their customer’s feelings by using surveys, social monitoring, etc. to find out the areas of improvement from their valuable feedback.

By using the above-stated methodology, a company can quickly build its rapport online and attract potential business.

Inbound marketing is beneficial for businesses of every size and field. Especially, the businesses that offer B2B services can benefit immensely from inbound marketing.

Here are some advantages of inbound marketing to B2B technological companies.

  • Effectiveness: According to HubSpot inbound innovator, inbound marketing is thrice as efficient as outbound marketing is. Companies are likely to get higher ROI by using inbound marketing strategies as compared to outbound marketing. If used efficiently, inbound marketing generates measurable results for any organisation.
  • Pocket-friendly: A well-written blog is worth hundreds of dollars. Inbound marketing strategies use quality content that costs a lot less than the huge outbound marketing campaigns, and these blogs generate better results for companies and have a lasting impact.
  • Understanding buyer’s persona: Today’s customers are smart enough to get the complete knowledge of anything they want to buy before making the purchase. Companies need to understand that consumers search for the product online and not them. Therefore, companies have to understand what customers want and then put up their content accordingly to gain the trust and bring credibility to their name. Inbound marketing focuses on creating highly customer-centric content.
  • Increases sales efficiency: Inbound Marketing helps companies to automate the sales process and get more work done with minimum resources. Using these automated tools inbound reduces the chances of human error and makes the process smoother and quicker. Doing so, in turn, helps the sales team to get more leads and manage more users effectively. For more insights, click here.
  • Higher Return On Investment: Using the right analytics tool, we can tap into the good prospect’s and understand the target audience better. Inbound marketing lets companies enhance their awareness using minimum resources and increase the revenue with minimum investments.

Though it sounds complicated, investing quality time is essential for professionals to understand the strategies. A company can start with researching on the appropriate keywords and analysing the trends and keywords used by people to search for the information related to the enterprise’s services.

Then, planning the content accordingly using the keywords and relevant data will help the companies get more views and readership on the web increasing their authority.

Planning the marketing campaigns according to the trends and by understanding what their customers want will help companies to increase ROI effectively.

With the changing scenarios, all we can predict is that inbound marketing is the future. And, outbound marketing has lost its zest somewhere with the increase in technological aspects of the marketing field and changing buyer behaviour. A lot of companies have already shifted to inbound marketing and started reaping the benefits. So, it’s the right time for any business to start investing their time and efforts in inbound strategies.

So, it’s the right time for any business to start investing their time and efforts in inbound strategies.

Talk to us about your business and we’ll help you uncover the path.

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