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12 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Customer-Driven CMO Should Try


With the increase in competition in the marketing world, you need to develop strategies that outshine those of your competitors. This puts pressure on the CMO to come up with such strategies and help promote the company. For this, you must first have a good knowledge of what digital marketing…

With the increase in competition in the marketing world, you need to develop strategies that outshine those of your competitors. This puts pressure on the CMO to come up with such strategies and help promote the company. For this, you must first have a good knowledge of what digital marketing entails and what are the various successful strategies that work. For this, we have compiled a list of 12 digital marketing strategies that you must try if you are a customer-driven CMO.

12 Digital Marketing Strategies for a Customer-Driven CMO

#1. Focus on a Holistic Customer Experience

Making customers feel valued at every stage – right from being a potential customer to the buying experience and also the after-sales services and newsletters – is very important. In the competitive world, making them feel welcome at every moment helps you attract more customers and make people keep coming back to you. If you provide a good buying experience to customers, but a bad after-sales experience when they call you for some problem, customers will not want to come back to your company, and may also keep other people from buying your products, which is certainly not good for your company.

#2. Prioritise Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the biggest platform for you to reach out to potential customers in one go. With people logging onto social media almost daily, you can focus and reach a majority of your target audience easily and more effectively. Thus, it is better for you to direct most of your paid advertising budget towards ads on social media. People have gotten used to ignoring ads on traditional media, which renders them ineffective.

#3. Invest in Analytics

Analytics and other tools help you understand the market, the progress and success of your campaigns, and other such important information. Analytics provide you with the metrics for digital marketing. They help you understand which campaigns will work and which ones won’t. Using analytics is essential in the digital age to stay ahead of the competition, as everyone uses those nowadays.

#4. Build Buyer Personas

Buyers' Personas

Buyer personas help you understand your average customer, how they think, what they like, what they care about and other valuable information. This information can help you target them and mould your campaigns to suit what they like. It helps build effective campaigns which are more likely to generate leads from the interested customers.

#5. Use Email Campaigning

Email is not a dead medium of communication. It is still widely used for official purposes and is the best way to reach out to your customers with personalised content to make the customers feel valued, and in turn, helps build brand trust. Also, email has a high ROI of 43$ for every dollar spent. This makes it a cheap and effective campaigning method as email systems can also be automated, making communications easier.

#6. Conduct Market Surveys and Customer Feedback

Market Surveys and Customer Feedback

Conducting surveys and feedbacks from time to time lets you know where your company stands among competitors and lets you know what potential buyers and customers think about your company. This helps indicate what you need to change in your company’s workings for better customer engagement and to rise above the competition.

#7. Build Customer Loyalty

Having a good after-sales experience, like customer care and loyalty programs, helps you retain existing customers. This is important as it helps you build brand loyalty and makes your existing customers the promoters of your company. Having brand trust is good for the brand image as it helps improve awareness as well.

#8. Practice Customer Targeting

Customer Targeting

Targeting your customers and crafting campaigns specifically for that target audience helps make a connection with them. This boosts lead generation as the customers can connect with your company, and have a greater inclination to visit your website and see what you have to offer.

#9. Engage with Customers

Engaging with customers on social media, replying to their messages, engaging with their social posts and starting discussions helps build a connection with your customer, helping brand recall. This helps when the customer needs to buy a product that you sell.

#10. Build Communities of Your Customers

Building an online community will help your customers connect. In these communities, they can get help for their problems from other community members, building a sense of belonging to the company. This community can help you actively promote your company, and help in customer retention. Such communities also help you understand what improvements can be made in your services and other departments.

#11. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are an essential way to reach out to a huge follower base. Their followers trust them, and when they say they like your product in front of them, it helps create brand awareness, and people are more likely to visit your website.

#12. Focus on Customer Convenience

People always prefer going for the convenient option. They will like your company if it is convenient for them to reach out to you, buy your product or register complaints. Having complex methods to go about buying, reaching out or browsing your website will make customers less keen on opting to go with your product. Being customer friendly is key to having a good customer base with happy customers.

Thus, if you want to be a customer-driven company, you will have to place the customer before the product. Listening to your customers, being friendly and ease-of-approach are some of the key methods one can adopt to achieve the goal of being customer-driven. You have to form a connection with your customers that they value, which helps in keeping happy customers.

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