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HubSpot’s annual conference, known as INBOUND, is one of the most awaited and biggest events of its kind. It provides one of the finest platforms for marketing and sales professionals from every corner of the globe to come together and celebrate the spirit of the inbound movement and attain new perspectives about inbound marketing from other sources.

This year, INBOUND’17 is expected to be a much grander affair, with higher attendance levels than the previous year, more keynote speakers than any of the previous years and over 250 breakout educational sessions. Corporate professionals from every designation possible are already very excited to attend the event and have planned their schedule for the same. With so many interactive sessions and speakers, it has become very important for them to carefully decide which speaker’s sessions they want to attend, and mentally be in the headspace to absorb all the inspiration and lessons which they are going to receive. Keeping their goals in mind, they should attend the sessions of those speakers whose lessons they think can help them achieve big goals. Doing this will help them implement these lessons to achieve the discussed goals as soon as they get back to work.

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We have curated a few working plans here which will help you make the most out of your experience at INBOUND, and help you understand how you can boost your personal goals to optimize the overall organization goal(s) as well:

#1. Choose Your Speakers Sessions Strategically

INBOUND presents various kinds of sessions by eminent speakers, such as keynote sessions, breakout sessions, spotlight sessions, etc. With such a tight schedule, it would be difficult for the event goers to attend each and every speaker session. The prudent thing to do here would be to plan in advance which speaker’s sessions they would like to attend. They should attend those sessions which would give them actionable insights to implement their goals, and would ultimately help them grow their business using their inbound strategy.

#2. Get an Edge Through Networking Opportunities

INBOUND’16 saw over 19,000+ attendees for the event. This year, the number is only going to increase. With so many like-minded attendees under one roof sharing the same drive and passion for the inbound movement, this event is the perfect opportunity for you to create networks like no other platform. Also, Club INBOUND organizes lots of events which provides ample space to the attendees to lounge, refuel themselves, and provide themselves with tons of networking opportunities.

#3. Finish all Your Work Commitments Before Attending

INBOUND is an event in which you have so much to do – brainstorm ideas with your fellow attendees, create networks to get to learn new ideas for incorporating in your inbound strategy, create opportunities for partnerships in the future, take down notes from the sessions you are going to attend, and so much more. The tasks to do at hand are vast and the time is limited. Hence, you need to proactively plan for the time you are going to be away from your office, and make a plan of how your projects, responsibilities and/or quotas will be managed in your absence. This will ensure that you are mentally in the headspace to take all the inspiration and get ideas which you can implement to achieve specific goals and do much more with your inbound strategy.

#4. Plan your Agendas for the Event Well Beforehand

INBOUND’17 sets the stage for a lot of events from which its attendees can gain inspiration and knowledge to think outside their regular inbound methodologies. There are numerous events such as keynote sessions, breakout sessions and spotlight sessions, which would give you some actionable tactics which you can use straight away.

Thus, to gain the maximum ideas out of these sessions, you need to have a plan beforehand as to what are your target goals which you have to achieve and how the insights from these sessions can help you implement them. Doing this will help you to properly strategize which actionable tactic would be required to implement a particular goal, and also identify the tools that would be required to optimize it. Hence, aligning your goals with the actionable tactics you learn from these sessions would provide you with some much-needed clarity on the future course of action that should be taken to implement your goals and/or optimize your inbound tactics.

These are few of the major tips which you must keep in mind before attending INBOUND’17, which will make your experience at the event all the more productive and leverage your business with your inbound strategy. However, these are not some rigid rules which must be followed strictly but can be customized according to your agendas and what your position is on the corporate ladder.

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