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Real Time Marketing

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Real Time Marketing techniques help brands integrate various user behavioural data at different stages of campaigns and contribute to achieving the desired results more efficiently. Since today’s market scenario are highly unpredictable and can be influenced by a variety of factors, we have evolved as marketing experts to analyse situations, make tactical decisions on the ground and even implement other marketing practices to help brands achieve their goals. Our testimony, in this case, is our viral campaign #TeaForTrump with TE-A-ME teas, which was had digital impressions in more than 80 countries. Since real-time marketing has no one-size-fits-all formula, our approach for this campaign was led by screening through 50 scenarios and ultimately readying ourselves for 20 possible scenarios. Find out more about our the campaign here.

Real Time Marketing

We employ the best real-time marketing tools available and also adopt an approach that facilitates personalization in real time and hence marketing is made easier by better capabilities of execution and analysis of the unique situation of the customer. Customer enjoyment and engagement is enabled due to better connectivity than ever.

There are certain hindrances that marketers face with real-time personalization, and those include privacy constraints, lack of sufficient IT teams, multiple vendors and hence high competition and poor understanding of customer needs. Our services help eliminate these issues.

We offer the following services to enable real-time marketing:
  • Easy personalization using drag and drop features
  • Ease of access and use with comprehensive interface
  • Easy personalization of site
  • Use of profile data to assemble content
  • Adaptable and optimizable content
  • Integrated tools for audience engagement
  • Quick onboarding
  • Cross-channel approach for easy understanding
Key takeaways from our Realtime Marketing services:
  • Easy understanding of customer behaviour and situations
  • Easy acquisitions and conversions using real-time personalization
  • Beating competition by offering service tailored according to needs

If you are also contemplating to beat the competition by offering a personalized experience that makes the customers feel connected in the digital space, choose us and hence open your way to well connected and thus satisfied customers.

What this package offers?
Offering real-time solutions
Offering real-time solutions
Increases connections with TA
Increases connections with TA
Deploy quick and easily consumable content
Deploy quick and easily consumable content
Improve quality of engagement
Improve quality of engagement

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