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    CMO’s guide to Social Media

    Companies have been collecting and analyzing customer data for a long time. Yet customer data by itself doesn’t paint the full picture and can lead to inaccurate customer insights. CMO’s can use social media as a source of customer sentiment,…

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    Reasons for SMB’s to Not Have In- House Digital Marketing Team

    Marketing teams globally are spending more than $135 billion on digital marketing tools as the world is moving towards being more mobile and technology-dependent. However, spending your marketing dollars doesn’t quite ensure that you succeed in your campaigns. The law…

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    5 Facts Every CMO Should Know About SEO in 2018

    Multiple changes have taken place in the digital world since our generation is developing with the trending technologies. Some were successful, but others were utterly confusing, to say the least. However, during this process, some subtle SEO trends came into…

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    Leveraging MarTech for Customer Acquisition and Retention

    In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge surge in the number of marketing tools and technologies. From social media to smartphones, technology is making a huge impact on the life of customers. This influx of technology-revamped marketing has…

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    On-Page Optimisation – A Complete Walkthrough to Rank on Top

    Attaining nirvana, or in other words, grabbing a good ranking in a search engine, hasn’t been a cakewalk for a lot of people. Search engines have upped their game and are getting smarter & cleverer every day, so now it…

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