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Content Syndication Services

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The process of forwarding your company’s blog, articles, video content, either as a thumbnail, link, snippet into some other sites that are relevant to your niche is known as Content Syndication Services. In this content is available from one website to another website. Either summary or full content is available. This helps in increasing the viewers to the site.

Our Main focus is Increase the Quality Viewers

Through Content syndication Services, you can increase the number of viewers as well as reputation to your site or blog with the OPA i.e. Other People’s Audience. For increasing the business, OPA is a good option. We are always syndicating those sites that have the higher authority compare to your site. We always keep in mind that always best stuff is shared with the audiences. The main goal of ARM Worldwide Experts and professionals is through selecting quality sites we are ensuring to attract the high value readers.

Basic Details of Syndication Method

In content syndication we have the list of your goal, your site or content type, where you want to syndicate. From these we map out your Content Distribution Partners, their requirements, and infrastructure capability.

  • Free or swap Blog Syndication: Here we are submitting your site or content to relevant industry sites like Hubpages, SideShare, Paidcontent, WikiHow and SeekingAlpha. All are free sites.
  • Ad-Supported Blog Syndication: This is a reward based system of advertising revenue with percentage like BlogBurst.
  • Licensed Blog Syndication: Here through royality the money is earned and the content is accessed by the high-end users like Newstex.
  • Blog post must have Social Sharing Buttons: This is the very easy way to share the post onto their social networks.
  • Usage of Social Media Tools: Here, we use a management tool to manually sharing content to each and every network.

Through Emails, RSS subscriptions, Blog directories, Guest blog we are giving Content syndication Services.

Here is the list of top ten syndicate networks:

  • Outbrain
  • Zemanta
  • SimpleReach
  • Arc
  • Taboola
  • LinkWithin
  • Yarpp
  • Igit
  • Nster
  • Alltop

For ARM worldwide, we are providing our best Content Syndication Services to achieve our client’s goals. Trust us and contact us today.

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