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PPC Audit

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If you are not aware of what is going on in your PPC campaign. It shall be very frustrating for you. Whether you are managing the PPC services within your company or hired a contractor, you must try to leave the ROI on the tables so that a new set of mind and eyes take a look into your account. We shall be those brains providing you with the PPC audit.

PPC Audit
How do we help you by arranging PPC Audit?

Our company #ARM Worldwide, lends helps to clients who are looking for a way to improve their effort in PPC management, sometimes, people don’t want to let go of the management services from their supervision and they might also prefer to stick to the company they had hired for PPC campaigns, for such situations, our services of holing Pay Per Click Audit will come to help. Our managers shall visit you, hold the audit and explain to you the probable and possible aspects developing your PPC services. We take our work seriously and we shall comb you with advices that we would have applied had it been our account too. In this way taking historical data into account, we shall help you increase your ROI instantly. The changes our PPC Audit will mention shall help you identify your waste accounts and will suggest you regarding the development that can be made to improve the performances of these accounts.

What do we include in the Agenda of our PPC Audit?

  • Recommending development of the overall structure of the accounts.
  • Analysing scores and extension evaluation.
  • Recommending daily, weekly and monthly tasks of improvements.
  • Displaying ad recommendations.
  • Carrying out the verification of the conversion that the installed and checking the tracking code.
  • Pointing out the key points or metrics in your account and matching them with the business goals.
  • Suggesting proper remarketing strategies.
  • Calculating the present statistics of your current ad’s content and performance.

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