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Digital PR

We are an award winning digital first PR consulting company having a unique approach, processes & frameworks to managing brand image. Digital PR is a way to create brand perception using content marketing via digital super users like media, bloggers, journalist & platform superusers (like YouTubers, Instagrammers & others). Digital PR is public relations for

2D-3D Animation

Animations are always appealing. They grab our attention and we always take out time to watch them. For instance, Doodles by Google. Whenever Google posts a Doodle, every single user views it. Animations are an effective marketing tool. But there is a lot of hard work required to create an eye-catching animation. The process begins

Content Creation (Creative and Copy)

If you were still not using social media platforms for promotion of your business, you would likely lose many big opportunities. Our social media content creation services help you to setup your presence on different online social platforms, like Twitter, Facebook and blogs. Power of social media today is immense and various online channels now


Whether or not you have an idea of developing standalone or database driven apps, our experienced Android app developers have the needed expertise and skill for making an app that works perfectly across all devices, irrespective of the processes, OS version and size of the screen. Our Android app development company is a known name

Google News Submission

Google News is a news site that is generated by the computer, which collects headlines from thousands of news websites worldwide and operated by the Google. In Google News similar stories are grouped together and displayed as per reader’s interest. According to the net around 1 billion users per week read the news and also

CRO Optimization

Our marketing efforts are always focused on increasing the traffic on the website. Yes, you need to get more traffic to increase your revenues. But, increased traffic does not necessarily lead to increased profits or revenues. You might have hundreds of users visiting your website, still, your sales or profits might not be reflecting the

Content Creation

Creating valuable, relevant, quality content is hard for almost every brand as it takes time, effort, energy, resources, and knowledge. But marketing is even more challenging. We believe in the process of ‘Create – Curate – Amplify’. Our content officers help you ideate, research, define the content format, define the content structure, vet the content

Brand Positioning

What makes you inclined towards buying a product? While pricing affects buying decisions greatly, they are also influenced by the name that they carry i.e the legacy of a brand. The brand name goes on to become a driving factor. When there is a price, a brand name is expected. There is a 70% increase

Events and Experiential Marketing

Have you ever been to a trade fair and tried a product? What differences did you observe when trying it yourself than learning about it online or through an emulated video? One definitely gains a better grab of the real appeal when seeing it in person. The process that involves the development of exhibits and

Corporate Communications

A group of various activities performed to manage and organize all the internal and external communications of a company in order to create a favorable view among stakeholders is called corporate communications. Services to enhance the activities are called corporate communications services. The communications include messages issued in the form of circulars or emails by

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