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    Why do URL slugs matter?

    There are endless terms in the digital marketing domain, related to SEO, content marketing, influencer marketing, paid media, and more. Talking solely about the SEO industry, there are numerous terminologies, some of which we might not even be aware of.…

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    Six Important SEO Trends that will Matter Most in 2022

    Search Engine Optimization has always been the backbone of better ranking websites and ultimately better ROI for the business or the services offered. A study shows that up to 70% and 80% of people surfing the internet ignore paid advertisements.…

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    How to Generate 3x More Leads and Optimize for Organic Revenue With SEO?

    Organic Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation has always been an important and integral part of digital marketing efforts for any brand, product, or company. SEO has been the go-to strategy for marketers especially, when it comes to traffic maximisation in…

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