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Active Listening

Optimizing your social media marketing for conversions

Social Media has become an excellent platform for marketing. Most of the companies are aware of this fact but only a few are able to utilize it to their maximum advantage. At ARM Worldwide, we know exactly how to connect to the people on social media and focus on the potential customers. We are the specialist digital marketing company who provide Social Listening Services. There are many people who are talking about your brand or interested in your services but only a few of them can actually connect to you. In the process, you can lose hundreds of customers who could have boosted your business. Social media is not just a media to broadcast yourself but listen and respond actively to your followers.

Active Listening
Why do you need Social Media Listening?

You need to look at these figures to realize what you might be missing. Most companies feel that the marketing is all about targeting the right group at the right time. However, 70% of the customers make their choice of brand entirely on the basis of the way they are treated. We are not talking about the post sales services but listening to customers who are talking about you on various social media platforms. Surprisingly, only 1 out of every 8 customer gets a proper response even after 3 days. All these unattended messages keep of floating and end up nowhere. This is where; Social Media Listening becomes so important to connect to those 7 customers that you missed out. We have the right experts and the resources to provide you with the best Social Listening Services.

Experience a positive growth in your business instantly

Social Media is expanding faster than you can imagine. There are more than 500 million tweets going around daily. Yes, it is almost impossible for you to filter them out and we have the experts who specialize in Active Listening and ensure that you never miss out any opportunities. We cannot help you recover the losses but make sure that the next time you are prepared to satisfy all your customers and leave a positive impression. While we do our work, you can sit back and enjoy a positive growth in your business.

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