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Rich Media

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Advertising is an integral part of marketing. There are hundreds of ways through which we can advertise and market our product. With the advent of digital marketing as one of the prime mediums, websites, blogs, apps etc. have become the most important advertisement platforms. Rich media is a term that is used to denote an advertisement with advanced features like audio, gif, video, animation etc. The digital media term is not only interactive but it’s also engaging. For instance, when we open we see various advertisements in a banner that expand for a few seconds.

Rich media is a helpful tool that allows you to advertise your products in a different manner.


Our rich media services

Rich media is all about saying something to the audience but without using any words. Development of rich media content requires a high level of creativity. Our team consists of creative geniuses who have years of experience as graphic designers. From us, you can expect high-quality solutions. Our services include:

  • Developing all types of creative content, like single asset types and dual asset types for clients.
  • Designing glitch- free elements that once loaded on the web page will work smoothly.
  • Linking the advertisement to a video player so the video plays seamlessly without closing the content.
  • Making interactive ads to engage viewers.

There are various formats which can be used to display rich media content. You can create a banner that expands and spreads on the whole screen at a given point of time, says whenever the page is accessed. You can also design a floating banner. Or you can add a GIF file which plays whenever cursor comes on top of it.

Why choose us?

There are hundreds of designers that do rich media production but we are slightly different. Here’s how:

  • For us, customer satisfaction matters the most.
  • We provide content of highest quality at a reasonable rate.
  • We employ dedicated staff that will leave no stone unturned to complete your work and deliver it on time.

Digital marketing is quite cheap as compared to other forms of media. Come to us today and get your advertisements created by the best developers.

Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.


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