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Social Analytics

Optimizing your social media marketing for conversions

In the current scenario, the greatest bridge between customers and businesses is social media. It has become an important medium of communication through which people can create and exchange their objectives and content.

Businesses are banking on the scenario by searching, tracking and analyzing the information about the brand or areas of interest on the internet. This is termed as social analytics.

Making business decisions today has been greatly simplified by social analytics. They enable informed decisions by analyzing the data gathered from blogs and social media. Marketing is greatly benefited by social analytics as it helps in mining the sentiments of the customer.

A quick identification of business goals for which data is to be gathered and analyzed is the first step of the social analytics regime. It carries the objective of increasing profit, reducing costs of customer service, easy feedback gathering and working on positive service opinion. It also facilitates businesses to engage in conversations and hence be visible to end users and other players in the same domain. Strategic use of these networks enables thought leadership.


We provide organizations with an effective platform to listen, find, gauge and indulge in conversations across the wide space of social web. We offer solutions that help in social media monitoring and engagement and caters to all social media needs across the company.

Our social media analytics services address the following needs of business that are paramount to success:

  • Visibility to likely customers
  • Enabling decisions regarding purchase
  • Providing an engagement platform to customers during the tenure of use of products and services
  • Registering customer feedback and reviews
  • Customer retention
What we offer:

  • We employ the best tools available and hence create a platform capable of performing all social media tasks such as crawling, translation, analysis and post tagging, response to queries and complaints, influencer management and report creation.
  • We also take care of other aspects of your business such as management of campaigns, interaction with customers, crisis management, positioning amongst competitors and evaluation of new ideas.
Key takeaways:

  • Integration of numerous Customer Relationship management softwares is made possible by our end to end social media solutions.
  • We ensure effective and real time customer engagement through our social media analytics services.

Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.


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