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We do everything – from sophisticated and scalable mobile apps to future-proof web apps, software, CRM and ERP implementation and management, and custom applications. Our experienced professionals will help you execute your plan to perfection and transform the business through better processes. We use a unique approach to accelerate the software development process, turning brilliant ideas into reality in just a few weeks. Our key differentiator not only delivers the value you need for your business but also a competitive advantage

We help bridge the gap between your idea and its realization seamlessly and effortlessly. Our team of seasoned experts assist you to strategize, design, develop, and release customer-centric, scalable web and mobile apps using world-class software development.

Services we offer

We, at #ARM Worldwide, constantly strive to help you navigate all intricacies of digital transformation to scale your business. We provide the following services to take the technological aspects of your business to the next level: 

  1. Web design and development

We specialize in building custom web applications for SMBs and large enterprises to assist them to reach out to a wider audience and adhere to their business goals. From conception to execution and delivery, our team of highly-skilled web developers assist you through every step of the web development journey. Our creative team of web developers assist you to design and develop eye-catchy websites to attract potential customers. From application design and development to cloud application development, QA testing, support, and maintenance, we assist businesses to transform their legacy web applications to modern technologies.

  1. Ecommerce tech solutions

Our bespoke team of website developers help you in building a comprehensive ecommerce marketplace resulting in profitable and sustainable growth. Our team assists D2C brands in providing modern commerce solutions – setting up a dedicated marketplace and putting the focus on optimizing the customer experience. Our modular approach majorly focuses on the experience and functionality you desire. From creating stores on marketplaces like Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, and more to developing custom eCommerce websites and applications, our team assists you with all eCommerce queries.

  1. App development

Understanding the mobile ecosystem and consumers has enabled us to develop apps of varying complexity. By following the principles of rapid development, we deliver business-enabling apps quickly and efficiently. Our team follows a streamlined mobile application development process with the right mix of technologies backed by strong NDAs for secure application development. We provide a complete cycle of application design, integration and management services. Whether it’s a consumer-oriented app or an innovative enterprise-class solution, our team assists you through the entire mobile app development process, from idea and concept to delivery and ongoing support.

  1. UI/UX design

We believe enterprise software should be easy to use and must have best-in-class aesthetics for premium consumer apps. Our team transforms traditional enterprise platforms into compelling experiences for consumers and helps build new B2B products that people love and use. We provide end-to-end UX/UI services from research to wireframing to prototyping to visual design. We convert designs into versatile, scalable and accurate digital products, using popular development frameworks.

  1. DevOps

Our team of bespoke DevOps developers aims to provide seamless collaboration, continuous delivery, frictionless system, and keep up with the latest market trends to deliver high-velocity software solutions. We assist to bridge the gap between software development and IT operations to create agility in generating software products and services, while also improving operational performance. Our methodology revolves around setting the right processes and choosing the right tools to deliver advanced software solutions.

  1. Software testing assurance

Our software testing services are designed to reduce development costs, accelerate time-to-market, and minimize technical and business risks, regardless of the complexity of the business requirements. Be it for desktop, mobile or digital transformation applications, our software testing experts work with a focused approach to help businesses accelerate their time to market and increase their ROI while helping them get more out of testing efforts. From manual and automated testing to independent testing to Mobile/IoT testing, our bespoke software testing experts assist you throughout the journey.

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