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MWC 2016 launch, #AmPrettyTough by Dabur Gulabri, YouTube’s new blurring feature, Facebook canvas ads: This Week In Digital

Major announcements and launches were made this week in Digital at MWC 2016. To express more, Facebook went beyond their original thumbs-up ‘Like’ button with five new reactions and also played with canvas for advertising. A new ad campaign #AmPrettyTough is ready to break the stereotype, whereas YouTube blurs the objects on uploaded video. Best

#ActEqual for gender equality, Twitter’s new Video Ad format, and selling lipsticks on Social Media: This Week in Digital

#ActEqual for gender equality, Twitter’s new Video Ad format, and selling lipsticks on Social Media: This Week in Digital

This week, the usuals continued. Major companies in digital continued to ride the exec rollercoaster. We were not short of campaigns as well. Twitter also continued with its predictable flow and introduced a new video ad unit. In much detail, following is our pick for This Week in Digital. The biggest hit on SEO might come

Hulk vs Ant-Man in Coke Mini video, OK Go goes viral on Facebook and the defeat of Free Basics in India: This Week In Digital

Hulk vs Ant-Man in Coke Mini video, OK Go goes viral on Facebook and the defeat of Free Basics in India: This Week In Digital

It has been a happening week on Digital. There was an end brought to the epic battle between Free Basics by Facebook and Net Neutrality advocates in India. We saw Hulk chase Ant-Man in a micro-action-sequence for a can of Coke Mini. And zero gravity ruled social media (particularly Facebook) with OK Go’s new music

Scoring Ahead: Venturing into Professional Training with SCoRe

We at ARM Worldwide are super excited to announce our collaborative effort with Indian School of Communications and Reputation (SCoRe) towards providing training in the Digital PR sector, establishing it further as a critical mandate in Digital Marketing. We would be providing training for one of our expertise services, Digital PR and Communications under SCoRe’s

Anti-litter in Hong Kong, Instagram’s new Boomerang, a look at Twitter’s Promoted Moment: This Week In Digital

We are at the end of October. This period, every year is perhaps the doorstep to the most celebrated events to follow. From festivities like Diwali and Christmas, to worldwide fashion and industry events, we will get to see everything in next three months to come. This closing also promises a lot of new things for content

Twitter to level up Ads, Facebook with Shoppable Ads, the 2nd IOT India 2020 Summit, Google’s Public Transit app for Delhi: This Week In Digital

It was a rather cold week in digital, given everyone is prepping up for the big days to follow – Diwali being the first in queue. While brands are longing their campaigns for the festive seasons, advertising platforms were working to improve methods of advertising. We also saw the IOT India 2020 Summit this week,

Apple Watch’s fancy new TVCs, the #15SecondShakespeare Challenge and IHeart Radio on Digital: This Week In Digital

Bidding the 2nd weekend of October with an amazing roundup! This week’s highlights include Apple Watch’s new TVCs, and the #15SecondShakespeare viral spread on Twitter. Following is in detail, everything from #ThisWeekInDigital. Apple Watch TVC is a fancy, happy world Imagine an ideal world, where everything is perfect, enhanced by an inch every moment with

Sponsored Selfies, Twitter CEO Closure, Content for Kids on YouTube, and Check Ins to Save Kittens: This Week In Digital

Hello, October! This week has been a wonder ride for popular platforms while they reinvent themselves. With kicking in to the last quarter of the year, October will act as the preparatory period for brands working on festive campaigns in India and abroad. The highlights of this week are following as we roundup this week

Google’s Adometry, Nike’s “Last” Commercial and Twitter’s new Polls feature: This Week In Digital

We are bidding bye to the last weekend of September. It has been quite an amazing week at ARM Worldwide, with things kicking off with an interactive session by Twitter Business team at our office. Following that, we are also working on a collaboration to great things – expect announcements soon. For the roundup of

Social Media’s stand for Ahmed and Ad Blocking, H&M’s Break All Rules Campaign: This Week In Digital

Hello, mid September! It has been a week of highlights for social media. We saw how the world stood for Ahmed, a 14 years old from Texas, and then the outrage from online media on Apple’s strike on (Google’s) advertising on the internet. Read the full stories below, for what was up This Week In

Australia’s #StopTheViolence Social Movement, Obama on Quora about Iran Deal, Instagram Ads and Outlook’s Social Media Awards: This Week In Digital

It is the second week of September and here we are with our weekly roundup. This week, there was a social media driven movement on Twitter to stop domestic violence in Australia. Following that, Instagram has started rolling out Ads on Instagram and Outlook magazine is coming up with their “Oscar for Social Media” awards.

Trending on Instagram, Reverse Praying in China and Twitter topping for News Source: This Week In Digital

We have entered September and now it is time to wrap up a week. The highlight of this week has been Instagram’s addition of a Trending Tags section in the app. In other news, we got to see China’s reverse praying trend rolling all over the world. In details, following is the weekly roundup for this

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